Here is documentation for a UH event which I and several friends attended on August 30th, 1973, at the Julia Sanderson Theatre in Springfield, Massachusetts, US.

It was blazing hot & humid, and I recall waiting outside for the theatre doors to open.

People were mispronouncing the name (and so was I) of a new band no one had heard of (ZZ TOP).

ZZ was incredible, and Billy Gibbons played a harp strapped to his shoulders, as well as guitar.
Earth, Wind, & Fire had middle billing, and being that they were an all black band playing to a completely white audience, blew away any stereotypes which anyone (including me) might have had because of their superior stage presence and musicianship.
Finally, the lights dimmed, and to the roar of the crowd and thunderous stamping feet, the curtains opened.
David Byron greeted the crowd, "GOOD EVENING SPRINGFIELD!"
I'm quite sure that the first number was "Sunrise" because Ken's keyboard was the first thing we heard.
Near the end of the show, David introduced the new song "Sweet Freedom".

He encouraged us to sing the chorus, but, by now, the heat and humidity had taken its' toll on those in attendance (I would guess that the temperature was over 90deg F inside the theatre), and they would not sing along. David scolded the audience, "WHAT'S THE MATTER, DON'T YOU LIKE FREEDOM? !!!!" (again, no response!)

We gained our second wind as Mick led off "Magician's Birthday". During this number, a guy in attendance found his way up the short side-stairs (stage right) and had his arm around Mick as he played a searing guitar solo. Mick seemed to enjoy his new found friend very much.

All in all, it was a very memorable, magical night which my buddy Marty and I still recall with pleasure.

This show was originally planned for the Springfield Civic Center on August 30th 1973, but was changed to the Sanderson Theatre.

Here are two documents which reflect this, followed by a photo of the theatre.

The final two documents relate to an August 18th concert in Bangor, Maine, US.
I researched the Springfield date, and Maggie Frazier, the reference librarian at Bangor Public Library confirmed the other date.
I have tried to confirm the U of Cardiff date (1971/Howard Cox letter).

So far, two librarians have searched the local newspapers without results. One of them directed me to the Student's Union at Cardiff, again, with no result.

Thanks for letting me "Ramble On".
Regards, Glenn


Thanks a lot Glenn for this great contribution to the Uriah Heep history.

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